This course is a compulsory course for students of the Faculty of Agriculture, where students will carry out off-campus learning activities to enhance students’ insight, experience, and practical knowledge. This activity is carried out at companies/instances engaged in microbiology and is carried out for 1-2 months outside the schedule of active course (the holidays between semesters).

Lecture are conducted in the workplace chosen by the student while drafting work proposal. After the student perform a field work in the workplace, student will present a seminar which explain the activities carried out during field work activities

1. Proposal
2. Field program
3. Field work report
4. Seminar

After completing this course, students are expected to able,

  1. Students have practical experience in microbiology as well as in the agency/company work system.
  2. Students are able to analyze work activities and provide ideas and solutions to various problems occurring in the company
  3. Students produce a written work in the form of a field work report

Here are some documentation materials of the field work activities conducted by students.