Here is a module handbook of compulsory and elective subjects

The compulsory subjects

PNU20191204 – Laboratory Classes in Biochemistry

PNU20191101 – Introduction to Agricultural Science

PNU20192205 – Agricultural Biotechnology

PNM20191101 – Agricultural Microbiomes

PNA20191101 – Applied Mathematics

PNU20191203 – Biochemistry

PNM20191203 – Biology of Microorganism

PNM20193114 – Chemical Analysis and Molecular Biology

PNU20192206 – English for Academic Purposes

PNM20192105 – Enzymology

PNU20193108 – Field Work

PNM20191102 – Fundamental Physics

PNM20192108 – Microbial Ecology

PNM20192106 – Microbial Genetics

PNM20192107 – Microbial Physiology

PNM20192109 – Microbial Systematic and Taxonomy

PNM20192210 – Soil and Plant Microbiology

PNM20192211 – Aquatic Microbiology

PNM20192212 – Agro-industrial Microbiology

PNU20193107 – Research Methodology

PNU20193209 – Seminar

PNU20194110Undergraduate Thesis


The elective subjects

PNM20193225 – Automation in Microbiological Processes

PNM20193113 – Basic of Bioinformatics

PNM20193224 – Biological Safety

PNM20193222 – Biomass Production Technology

PNM20193118 – Entrepreneurship in Microbiology

PNM20193115 – Enzyme Technology and Engineering

PNM20193119 – Introductory to Synthetic Biology

PNU20193221 – Introduction to Biodegradation and Bioremediation

PNM20193120 – Microbial Biodiversity

PNM20193117 – Post-harvest Microbiology

PNM20193116 – Soil and Environmental Biotechnology

PNM20193223 – Thermomicrobiology

PNM20193121 – Microbial Bioremediation in Agriculture (English)

PNM20193122 – Traditional Fermented Food of Indonesia (English)