The tables below outline the Graduate Profile of SP-BAM,

NoGraduate ProfileDescription
1Microbiology Lab Specialistcompetence in microbial-based technology for agriculture, able to master the principles of growing, isolating, identifying, storing microbes and their use in sustainable farming businesses.
2Microbiology Research Assistantcapable of facilitating high-quality research in microbiology, proficient in monitoring, evaluating, and reporting research activities within the field of microbiology.
3Prospective Microbiology Scientisthave the ability to carry out some basic microbiology research to be further developed through linear further education
4Farm-field Assistant with Microbiology Expertiseagricultural farm assistant who has the ability to use a microbiological approach to support plant growth that can increase the profit
5Microbiology Entrepreneurmicrobiology graduates who are able to utilize microorganisms as entrepreneurial opportunities