ATTITUDEAfter this Program, The graduates are willing to
A1Demonstrate a Pancasila attitude and awareness of the interests of the nation and state.
A2Demonstrate honesty, responsibility, self-confidence, emotional maturity, ethics, and awareness of a lifelong learner.
KNOWLEDGEThe graduates are demonstrating excellent knowledge in
K1Able to explain theoretical concepts regarding plant production technology by giving attention to economic and social-humanitarian aspects to achieve quality, sustainable and profitable agriculture.
K2Able to explain theoretical concepts of biology microorganism and develop microbial-based technology to increase plant production and environmental services.
K3Able to describe the latest methodology in the field of microbiology to create environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural development.
GENERAL SKILLSThe graduates are able to
G1Able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking by utilizing the technology of information to produce solutions according to the field of expertise with integrity and embodied in scientific documents.
G2Able to develop networks, adapt, shape, contribute, supervise, evaluate and make decisions to demonstrate independent and group performances to apply the knowledge in social life.
G3Able to implement science and technology in the field of agricultural microbiology in order to produce solutions, ideas, compile scientific descriptions of the results of their studies and be able to use at least one international language for oral and written communication.
G4Able to archive, store, secure, and retrieve data to ensure validity and prevent plagiarism practices.
SPECIFIC SKILLSThe graduates are able to
S1Able to identify, design, implement, and solve problems that arise in the implementation of agricultural businesses.
S2Able to identify, design, implement and solve problems that arise in the field of microbiology to provide suggestions for solutions in the industrial and agricultural fields.
S3Able to select, utilize and manage the potential of microbes and microbiomes to build industrial and agricultural systems.
S4Able to create, retrieve and present data obtained in research, and able to utilize biological data banks.