“The Agricultural Microbiology Study Program is a Pioneer of Education and Research in the Field of Agricultural Microbiology in Indonesia with an International Standard and Upholding the Nation’s Interests Based on Pancasila.”


  1. Organizing a bachelor’s degree in the field of Agricultural Microbiology at an international standard that encourages career success for graduates to improve the quality of life of the nation.
  2. Supporting the advancement of Agricultural Microbiology research that support education and the advancement of science, technology, and the enrichment of the nation’s culture.
  3. Aligning educational and research programs with community service activities.
  4. Running and pioneering cooperation programs both nationally and internationally with educational, research, government, business and community institutions.


  1. Produce graduates at the undergraduate level in the field of Agricultural Microbiology who fear God Almighty, have a nationalist spirit, are egalitarian, firmly hold on to the mandate, and are disciplined.
  2. To produce graduates who master the knowledge of biology and production technology of plants and microorganisms, master the engineering and propagation of microorganisms, and are able to carry out agricultural business based on the use of microorganisms that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  3. Produce graduates who are able to think and behave scientifically, independently, and competitively so that they are able to continue to postgraduate level, both at home and abroad.
  4. Produce scientific papers to be published in national and international journals and developed into technology in the field of Agricultural Microbiology that can be utilized by the community, farmers, government, and industry.
  5. Produce cooperation in the fields of education, researchers and community services with institutions at home and abroad.